I live in Portland (OR) and run Stackshine, an IT automation startup funded by investors like YC and Rebel Fund. Previously I lived in San Fransisco, New York, Providence, Miami, Shanghai, and
Puerto Rico (my first home 🇵🇷).

This is my personal website, a place where I explore ideas on what it means to be a person trying to make the world a better place. I miss the old days of the internet when personal websites were more of a thing.

The majority of my time is spent thinking about the work we're doing at Stackshine. If you're in operations or IT and you're looking for a better tool to automate and understand the software in your organization you'll want to see what we're working on:

Stackshine - Automate your IT  ›

Stackshine drastically improves how companies manage their software. Our platform re-imagines software management operations by combining access, usage, and pricing analytics with a powerful automation engine.

Before Stackshine, my professional background follows a meandering path which includes starting and working at fast-growing startups, research projects, mobile gaming, aerospace, and more.